GitHub Public and Private Repositories

Gamify, Quantify & Qualify your Software Development Activity

based on your GitHub Repository Events*
* Commits/Pull Requess/Code Reviews/Issues/Comments Count

Your source code is safe
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Why devActivity?

Effortless to implement and maintain

Easy to Start

Simply install free GitHub app to get granular visility on dev process

Safe & Secure

No source code access required. All insights are based on Git meta data

Fully Automated

Zero manual input, let your team keep working on project goals

Targeting to improve whole GitHub Community

Public and private repos, all-sizes teams and organizations.


Frequently asked questions

If you're unable to locate what you need, don't hesitate to contact us with your enquiry.

Is it genuinely free?
Absolutely. We've embraced the Freemium model because we believe it offers the best approach. If you find that you require extended functionality, you can always opt for an upgrade. Otherwise, enjoy all our features free of charge!
Will you access my source code?
We completely understand this common concern. That's why we prioritize non-sensitive data like Git metadata and do not access your source code.
What kind of data do you collect from GitHub?
We gather Git metadata, including the type of activity (such as commits and pull requests), timestamps, and author information. This data is sufficient for creating all the necessary metrics, alerts, and gamification features.
Do you support other platforms (GitLab, Bitbucket etc)?
Currently, we're primarily focused on the GitHub community, as it's our starting point. However, expanding to other Git platforms is part of our roadmap. If you have a particular interest in one of them, please let us know or vote for idea @ GitHub Discussions.